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      About Musashi Paint
      Musashi Paint Group was founded in 1958. We are now a paint company group that leads the industry with a network of thirteen bases in nine countries, as well as a system that allows us to develop and manufacture the same quality of paint all around the world.
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      Advantages of Musashi
      Since 1958 when the company was founded, we have managed multiple customer demands. Thanks to our endless efforts, we have won a unique place in the paint industry.
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      Musashi History
      Since its establishment in 1958, Musashi coatings have been used for more than half a century.
      It's a long way to go. In order to enable the company to continue to sail far in the future
      We cherish every step we have taken in the 100-year voyage and even 200-year voyage.
      Quality and Environment
      Musashi is committed to lifting its profile by producing
      high-quality paint and delivering higher customer satisfaction.
      We will give priority to product quality as we seek sustained growth.
      Real-time focus on the latest state of the company
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      • 武觀拾色
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